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[Video] The rape scene from ‘Irreversible (2002)’

IrreversibleIrreversible (2002)
Directed by Gaspar Noe
Starring Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel and Albert Dupontel

Sexy Monica Bellucci is walking home from a night out one evening when she makes the fateful decision to take a shortcut through a public, badly lit underpass in a dangerous part of town. There she encounters a pimp arguing with his prostitute, but upon seeing Monica in her revealing party dress he shoos away his girl and turns his attention to the now worried beauty.

Pulling out a knife, the pimp forces Monica to lie face down on the ground whereupon he cuts the straps of her dress, fondles her breast and tears off her underwear. All the while she is screaming for help and struggling but he muffles her cries before anally raping her in a brutal 10 minute sexual assault that’s so hard to watch, many people walked out of the theater.