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Teen kidnapped and raped in ‘Perdita Durango (1997)’

dance with the devilPerdita Durango (1997)
Directed by Alex de la Iglesia
Starring Rosie Perez, Javier Bardem and Aimee Graham

A young couple are kidnapped by criminal lovers Rosie Perez and Javier Bardem in this movie also known as ‘Dance with the Devil’.

Bardem takes a liking to (legal) teenager Aimee Graham and one day enters the room in which she is handcuffed on a bed. He strokes the terrified girl’s face and rips off her shirt, exposing her small, firm breasts which he kisses and sucks. Then he pulls down her pants and underwear before giving her oral sex. Finally, her boyfriend is made to watch the sexual assault while he ruthlessly fucks her.