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Teacher raped in ‘The Shaming (1979)’

The ShamingThe Shaming (1979)
Directed by Marvin J. Chomsky
Starring Anne Heywood, Donald Pleasence and Robert Vaughn

Anne Heywood stars in this controversial drama (also released as ‘Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff’) about a middle-aged school teacher and her relationship with the black school janitor.

In this scene the English actress is cornered in her classroom after hours by the menacing janitor, who has stripped naked and advances upon her as she cowers in the corner. He throws her onto her desk, rips off her shirt exposing her breasts and tears down her panties before fucking her hard. All the while she repeats “No!” over and over and struggles to fight him off but the janitor ignores her pleas and rapes her, leaving her lying broken and nude on her back on the desk.