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Kate Bosworth rape scene in Straw Dogs (2011)

Kate Bosworth raped in Straw Dogs 2011This remake of the controversial 70s thriller sees Kate Bosworth in the central role formerly played by sexy Susan George.

The movie is most famous for the ambiguous rape scene which occurs between Kate and her ex-boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard. He breaks into the house while Kate’s hubby is out and forces Kate onto the couch, tearing at her clothes and kissing her despite her murmuring “No, no!” repeatedly. However, at certain points she responds to his advances and kisses him back, raising doubt in the viewer’s mind as to whether she wants sex or not. This of course is a dangerous thing to suggest as it opposes the anti-rape slogan of ‘No means no.’

As things develop though Kate makes it crystal clear she doesn’t want to fuck, but Skarsgard is having none of it, yanks down her underwear and rapes her. As she lies trembling and shocked, her clothes in tatters, Skarsgard’s friend appears out of nowhere and decides he too wants a piece of hot Kate’s ass and he ends up sexually assaulting her as well.