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Hot babe is gang raped in ‘Gutterballs (2008)’

GutterballsGutterballs (2008)
Directed by Ryan Nicholson
Starring Alastair Gamble, Mihola Terzic and Nathan Witte

Candice Lewald is the unfortunate girl on the receiving end of a brutal gang rape in this horror movie. Grabbed by a gang of hoodlums in a deserted bowling alley, the sexy babe is thrown face down onto an air hockey table before having her panties ripped off. Despite her protestations, one of the rapists fucks her from behind. Then she’s placed on her back on a pool table with her fake breasts exposed, pointing straight up at the ceiling as she’s forced to have sex another guy. The others gather round, whooping and hollering in a manner reminiscent of the gang rape scene in ‘The Accused’ and there’s even one dude who seems to have some morals and feels disgust at the rape, which also happens in ‘The Accused’.